A new website brings big cosmetic changes to Google Hangouts -- but should you use it?
Why doodle in Gchat when you can churn out true masterpieces?
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Technology, far beyond email, has enhanced amorous expression: phone sex, sexting, Skype, Gchat with or without video, FaceTime and there's always Snapchat, for the cautiously erotic. There's even a vibrator that can be controlled with an app.
We don't need to be in transit to be able to approach our days this way. It is possible for me to be living my normal life and be excited for the unknowns of the day. I meet new people and do new things every day.
Distance sucks, but I treat my relationship as an utmost priority, the same way I treat everything else that matters most to me in life. Being busy is no excuse to bury your relationship on your priority list.
"It could theoretically increase your productivity, especially if someone tells you some important information, so there