Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz was attacked Sunday by a 27-year-old ex-convict, officials said.
One of our museum's main goals is to show the wartime experiences of Poland and the other countries of East-Central Europe
Despite fierce fighting, the PiS candidate has not been able to beat me in democratic elections. Voters made their decisions
What's more - those residents and institutions, who decide to switch from old, inefficient coal heating to modern ones are
Now we are waiting for another "EU hand." While waiting, we are trying not to slow down the pace. In September, we pushed
The summit in Vatican has been called to shed light and to offer solutions to the threat posed to global stability by the
Professors Sassen's lecture was a great introduction to further panels and discussions of the Smart Metropolia. This year security, immigration and openness were among the most discussed issues.
A dice was used for drawing citizens for the civic panel. Photo: J. Pinkas Gdansk took serious steps to prevent civic indifference
Me and scoutmaster Malgorzata Sinica meeting delegations during the conference in Muscat. Gdansk, over 1000 years old Polish
This week the attacks are intensifying. Listening to dreadful news on the radio, I am saddened by realization, that these
Powidoki/Afterimage trailer: When he arrived in March for the award ceremony, we told him what a great honour for Gdansk
Gdansk is also used to upheaval and handles it well. Protest movements against a superimposed communism happened here in
From the very first moment, residents were involved in building partnerships with the city hall and renowned institutions
This year's data will probably be announced in November, as some universities still continue their recruitment. We already
Preparation of the report corresponds with the ongoing controversial discussion on the situation with the Constitutional
"Solidarity in times of distrust" was the main theme of the 16th Polish Sociological Congress, which took place in Gdansk
Better meals at schools It was initiated by parents dissatisfied with meals in Gdansk educational and child care institutions
For the exchange of knowledge The UBC Commissions are good example of such knowledge exchange and cooperation platform. Based
I know that the issues related to the history of our country are close to the President. We count on President's understanding
Currently we host in Gdansk approximately 2000 students from abroad. Most of them, approx. 800 people are the participants