President's GDP tweet has been contradicted by his top White House economic adviser; he still hasn't removed it.
There’s been plenty of drama in President Donald Trump’s first month, from the resignation of his national security advisor
Lorenzo Fioramonti, Full Professor of Political Economy, University of Pretoria Lorenzo Fioramonti, University of Pretoria
In the process, whether we realize it or not, the 'pyramid' we have all become so accustomed to is being turned upside down
But the real difference, the key to understanding Castro's legacy, comes from the country's politics. In 2007, at the end
What I see is that- intentionally or not- we all are individual triggers, with our reflections, blog posts, pledges, campaigns
Policy makers need studies like the Care Index. Beyond this, they urgently need a broader index that shows the enormous human and economic benefits of valuing care in both homes and the market.
Nine years after the Great Recession began during the tax- and regulation-slashing Bush administration, some startlingly good economic news arrived from Washington, D.C., last week.
The third instance, during August, of attempting to create a false narrative that could well become a "legend," if not corrected
A common example is a comparison of the price of hamburgers in two different countries. The prices of McDonalds hamburgers
Environmental and labor protections are just a smokescreen for the true purpose of the TPP.
The latest data on the U.S. puts it somewhere in the middle, at 0.41. Our analysis showed that the median age of the population
Among the possible future scenarios for Venezuela are: Like so many other resource-risk nations that have suffered from the
The involvement of each member of the community has started to take the shape of movements like the Sharing Economy and the
The concept of economic growth with limited labour input is a radical departure from anything we are familiar with. The concept
For most of the time humans have inhabited the earth, our numbers were small, and the growth rate of our species was nearly zero. In other words, we were more-or-less in equilibrium with the natural world, as were most species. Not anymore.
The comparative exercise requires us to calculate the real GDP (absent inflation) and do so in U.S. dollar terms for both
Susann: Why I am worried As a German, should I worry about Great Britain leaving the EU? Will Brexit have a tremendous impact