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So let the record show, government has never been the problem when Republicans needed to boost growth, only when Democrats
Most eyes are watching Janet Yellen and the Fed's Jackson Hole conference. She hinted at a possible raise in short term rates
Harlan Green © 2016 Hillary's economic platform should enable US to catch up with what the rest of the world provides for
Follow Harlan Green on Twitter: Graph: FRED Even banking giant Morgan Stanley, part of the
For most of the time humans have inhabited the earth, our numbers were small, and the growth rate of our species was nearly zero. In other words, we were more-or-less in equilibrium with the natural world, as were most species. Not anymore.
Such policies have prevented the massive spending and investment programs that occurred during President Roosevelt's New
At the St. Gallen Symposium Summer Discussion in Zurich, leaders from the Swiss business community today discussed Switzerland's
Predictably, the bond market and the Dow Jones average both fell quickly on CNBC's one-sided call, bringing quick profits to short hedge funds using high frequency trading to move quickly in and out of the market.
Increase in happiness level of a nation is to some extent an invisible form of economic growth that cannot be neglected. In
Summers says that the current focus on monetary policy is not enough to combat the current downward world economic trend. Yes, as I said, I think he's right. But his own solutions fall short.
Businesses are still hiring, but mostly in the lower-paying service industries, as higher-paying manufacturing jobs continue to move overseas. So Bernie and The Donald are right in calling out U.S. corporations.
In the late 30s, whilst depression had been soaking in countries for years, Hitler decided to force his ethnic deathly delusion
We can identify a clear lack of research and understanding regarding the possibility of instituting an economic system without
Secondly, they need buy-in from society. While there is no lack of political will for GNH in Bhutan, the country is now also
Beginning at the start of 2016, financial markets had plunged on the fear that the Federal Reserve's December 2015 decision
Growth - The good, the bad, and the ugly will be debated in the light of the 46th St. Gallen Symposium (11-13 May
The challenges of elites and inequality What role do elites play in these institutions? As the examples illustrate, the actions
One of the models listed above or others proposed in literature might be the solution and promote real and inclusive growth
Most often, we debate whether to abandon or stick to the economic growth model. The answer, however, lies elsewhere: We need
Talk about 'growth' in Latin America has become less upbeat today than a few years ago. That's no surprise. For over a decade, average growth meant at least double the economic activity that we are seeing today.