The man was experiencing severe pain and a squirming feeling in his ear.
For many species threatened by the illegal wildlife trafficking, such as rhinos, elephants, tigers, and bears, debates persist as to whether a legal trade in their parts and products can reduce smuggling.
The geckos didn't float, thanks to their sticky toe pads. And as The Guardian reports, they first tried to avoid the floating
On the surface, this would seem to be a clear-cut case of animal cruelty. Those geckos are dead because of the actions of some humans. But I think this case actually resides in more of a gray area because I think the geckos were willing participants.
4. Hermit crabs You'd think that the islands are an ideal home for hermit crabs, but you’ll have to think twice about moving
“The geckos stuck just as well under water as they did on a dry surface, as long as the surface was hydrophobic,” Stark said
Instead, the gecko tail probably sticks on using adhesive forces, or the stickiness that occurs between two unlike molecules
Geckos are the superheroes of the lizard family. Equipped with sticky toe pads capable of supporting the weight of two humans
If you've turned on the tube these last few weeks, you've probably been a collateral casualty of the biggest televisual war
HYGIENE -- In this tranquil Colorado town, the son of Godzilla is alive and well. The yellow-striped white "super giant" is
Geneva, Aug. 6: To slip their illegal cargo through customs, wildlife smugglers still use traditional methods like bribery