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"I didn't know you could say no," the "Thelma & Louise" star said.
Tim Burton's wild film is back on the big screen for its 30th anniversary.
The surgeon cited irreconcilable differences with the "Thelma & Louise" star.
The project reportedly received the blessing of Geena Davis and Penny Marshall.
Xaque Gruber: Gretchen, you have done a great job with Arclight Cinema's Women In Entertainment Summit. Congratulations on
Most people would be surprised to learn that gender segregation plays out at different levels of the film industry, where behind-the-scenes and onscreen inequality runs rampant.
"If you asked most fans, they'd say remaking it is a terrible idea, no one should do it. This is a sacred classic. And when
"Men will watch female characters if they're interesting, if they’re fleshed out, if they’re not just one-dimensional eye candy."
There are not only women but many men, working behind the scenes in the industry, at festivals, to make sure women's contributions to cinema are not overlooked, nor, in the case of Ida Lupino, forgotten. It is because of a personal commitment to include and highlight women's accomplishments in film that the director of the Fribourg International Film festival focused the majority of the festival on films by and about women.