Leslie Du Preez had no idea the new additions to her property would end up terrorizing her.
There is something horribly wrong with a community that publicizes "nature" and "lakes," while quietly slaughtering the creatures this beautiful environment is meant to sustain.
When the dog bites, or the bee stings, or I'm feeling sad, Maria has a number of solutions. But not all favorite things are created equal. Here, we rank them from least to most helpful in a tough situation.
Attacks on geese have become increasingly common over the past few years, officials told the station. Just last year, a goose
Just because "almost all meat production in the United States is cruel" does not mean that force-feeding animals is not cruel or necessarily less cruel, and indeed, this is an integral part of the big picture of food production; it does not "miss the big picture" at all.
This goose is definitely dancing because it's almost the weekend, and not because it just got some bread. Definitely.
Though it's no bird's eye view of Ryan Gosling, it will still make you want to say, "me goose-ta." This massive gaggle gets
Needless to say, a lot is riding on the new Oahu family. We’re certainly rooting for them. Steve Hess, a U.S. Geological
"Warning," he writes in a disclaimer on YouTube, "I got a little too excited and the volume got a little loud." He's not
Government services were paralyzed. Slime is everywhere. The Capitol desperately needs cleansing from this avian invasion. Make their feathers fly.
Why did we set up a tableau that nearly caused London's taxi drivers to crash into each other on one of the city's busiest streets? Because Fortnum & Mason still has the indecency to sell foie gras, a "fancy foodstuff" that causes so much suffering that it is illegal to produce it in the U.K.
A passerby found the first of the animals on Tuesday morning, and officers on patrol found the next wave of corpses early
WATCH: While the video's info says the filmmaker "chased them around a little" some days, we're hoping they didn't chase
It's summer in the city, and that means weekends at the beach, walks in the park, and, for the third year in a row, the annual slaughter of Canada geese.
She says a couple of lanes were shut down while the geese found an exit. SEATTLE — Seattle-bound commuters got some unexpected
The Denver Zoo is welcoming three new Nene Geese, aslo known as Hawaii's state bird. From the Denver Zoo: With a wild population