Geminid meteor shower

The meteors--small pieces of debris from an asteroid named 3200 Phaethon--should also be visible on Friday and Sunday nights
For the truly dedicated skywatchers, the pre-dawn hours on Dec. 14, after the moon sets, should provide a darker sky to see
"This image took a lot of work, as I had to scroll through about 400 frames and find which frames had shooting stars in them
Even though the Geminids haven't even peaked yet, the shower is "already knocking people's socks off," Cooke said. Bill Cooke
But even though the video is spectacular, Wah Lee writes on his website that "watching this doesn't beat the experience of
The Los Angeles Times reports that the Geminid Meteor Shower got its name from the fact that the meteors appear to be emanating
As we reported yesterday, the 2010 Geminid meteor shower peaked late last night and early this morning. Fortunately, for
The meteors will appear to fall from the Gemini constellation, thus the reason for its name, so face northeast to witness