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Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women
New research shows teens are spending more time on their phones and less time with each other, and it’s having serious mental health consequences.
If you were born between the years 1977 and 1983, you can consider yourself a Xennial.
It wasn't the lowest turnout in history, though. According to Mashable, about 49% of eligible voters didn't participate in
Disclaimer: The idea for this post came to me because I just started reading the book, 'Deep Work' by Cal Newport. I highly
I know that you both believe that age should not be an issue in your hiring by the American people in November or throughout your term. Alas, that is not an option for many older Americans.
Simple answers included, "Let's do something together. I am listening. What is your story? I really need you in on this. How
Born from 2000 onward, Gen Z is the first generation to have had technology at their fingertips since they were born, and
Who am I to say this? I'm either the last baby boomer born or the first Gen Xer - I was born in November of 1965. I've worked
Suddenly the seriousness of the new generation is upon is. Much has been made about the selfie generation, their whims, and narcissism. Only now as the dust settles, is it becoming increasingly clear that they are indeed mature enough to understand the world that they are taking on.
Jared and Genevieve represent millions of like-minded youth trying to change the world. All while brilliantly disguised as just another generation (or two) that really couldn't care less.
The innocence my friends and I experienced being high school students in the eighties sparks nostalgia for better/simple/easier times gone by.
Millennials in New York are more educated than the previous generation, but they're stuck in bad jobs with paltry pay.
In my seven years of travel across the world, I have worked with girls in economically disadvantaged societies, whose passion for a career in STEM is rooted in a desire for upward economic mobility as much as a love for those subjects.
We don't want a pity party. We don't need it. But myself and the generation I represent, want to be equally respected as productive members of society. Even if the older generations continue to believe that we are incompetent, it won't slow us down.