gender card

"These aren’t just women’s issues, they are economic issues that affect all Americans."
I can't say that Hillary's coffee offer came off as completely disingenuous, but it did smack a bit of diplomacy.
Bias festers beneath a surface sporadic civility in America that we have all seen break down under pressure of the current election cycle.
Sexism cuts both ways; Hillary's continued presence in this campaign is, in and of itself, a manipulation of the very concept. If Hillary were a man, she would have been long gone.
A critical question in this campaign -- how to run against a female presidential candidate, or as one -- has burst into the
I don't think David Shuster's comments about Chelsea Clinton "being pimped out" were necessarily borne of political mendacity or Hillary-hatred. I think they come from something far worse than that.
Kristol's concern for the Democratic Party is touching. Of course, it was just the boys having fun again at the expense of the first serious woman candidate for president.
As long as Hillary Clinton, and now Gloria Steinem, has chosen to play the women's card against the race card, let me throw in a third one: the class card.
There is no "gender card." And it's not like the deck is just stacked against or for any woman. It's about a myth that we live in a meritocracy.
2007-11-05-AH_today_hillary_womenfp.jpg Arianna dicussed Hillary Clinton and the gender card on the Today Show.