gender confirmation surgery

LGBTQ groups have blasted House Bill 1057, which would make it a misdemeanor for physicians to offer gender confirmation surgery to patients under 16.
"I call them my battle wounds," the 19-year-old transgender activist said.
Among other things, I didn't expect for it to feel terrifyingly lonely.
The surgery Tuesday was the first to be approved under a waiver allowing military payment.
"A space like Rhys's Place is desperately needed not just in Chicago, but all over."
By the time I was five, I knew I wasn't a girl. I'm 63 now. I've spent the years in between working hard to make life bearable as a gender-nonconforming woman, and it hasn't been enough.
Public discourse around the subject is governed by media guidelines that operate to suppress discussion, such as this one from GLAAD: "Journalists should avoid overemphasizing the role of surgeries in the [gender] transition process." For me, you could not overemphasize the importance of sex-change surgery if you tried.
Each of the dual portraits were taken in the same day, meaning the photographic subjects hadn't actually undergone any physical
Recently there has been a spate of blog posts raising the specter of transgender people regretting transitioning. They cite their two favorite studies, without actually looking at what the actual studies said, and drag out some old anecdotes. Let's deconstruct the arguments being trotted out one by one.
"These numbers are speaking in a country [where] homosexuality is not allowed and it is punishable by death," Hamedani said