gender creative

A year after actor James Woods lashed out at C.J. Duron, the 11-year-old is receiving a huge honor.
Dear Trans Kids, I’m writing to you, but not just to you. I’m also writing to all the rainbow kids, whatever you call yourselves
Judgment and hatred are alive and well but voices of love far outnumber the hate.
They're everywhere. Gender non-conforming, gender diverse, gender variant people. From cisgender men wearing "man buns" to
I truly believe that until we speak up and out against the bullies, they will not be hushed.
I told my son where I had to go. He had not been inside a women’s clothing store with me before ― at least not in recent
The year was 2010, and my youngest son was 4. I felt that I shouldn’t have to justify why I thought it was okay for him to
Meet my son, 10-year-old Charlie. He self-identifies as gender creative, meaning, at this point in his life, he's happy with
Why can’t boys’ shoes also come in pink or glitter?
A dress is just a piece of fabric, for God’s sake.