Gender Roles

HuffPost Live delved into the virtual world of video games. We spoke to gamers about the latest video game trends, sexism and bias in the gaming industry, and the connection between real-life violence and violent video games.
Children's literature has come a long way, but many books still link girls with emotions and boys with tools.
President-elect Joe Biden's wife has said she wants to continue her work outside her White House role. That would be a first.
Many kids won't face a "normal" school year, so it's a great opportunity to tackle the false pink/blue divide.
"I wonder how many men are out there now realizing that the hours their wives put in caring for their children aren’t as easy as they look."
O. Stecina competed in the 2019 pageant despite not identifying as female, and it altered the way they see themself.
Instead of having to learn how to break free from society’s confines, I want my little one to be able to simply be ― whatever that means.
Jeeno fought back against traditional societal beliefs around masculinity, as well as his own insecurities, to rediscover his passion for dancing.
Sens. Warren and Harris emerged the clear winners, crushing all the outdated stereotypes about female presidential candidates.