Speaking at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards, the four-time Grammy winner pledged to live "as loudly and queerly as humanly possible."
The "Pose" star has been wearing gender fluid fashion for what he describes as political art.
Religion is often hijacked to spread hate, but our faiths teach liberating messages about gender and sexuality.
It was one of the most gut-wrenching days I’ve ever experienced as a member of the military, and I don’t say something like that lightly.
It’s been simple for me to go through life with a cis woman’s identity, despite it never fitting quite right.
Oppression is a national problem that does not go away because we build a beautiful artistic city in the middle of the desert for a week.
"My search for a strap-on... is part of a multi-step series of self-discovery."
In addition to a spiritual awakening, what surprises can we expect at your upcoming show at New York City's Metropolitan
I belong in the women’s restroom. Not because I adhere to any societal standard for femininity, but because I am a woman.
It can be a scary thing for us to ask our friends, and furthermore our families and coworkers, to use language that makes us feel acknowledged and accepted when, in a lot of cases, these people have never been asked to do this before.
His clothing was no more remarkable to me than any other man's. Even though I hardly ever saw another man wearing a skirt. Skirts are just fabric. Clothing has no gender. Celebrate diversity.
Lissa Rivera's project "Beautiful Boy" is both an exploration of one person's genderqueer identity, and a visual story of two people falling in love.