Gene Robinson

It is instructive that leading voices of the Christian right support someone for president who believes in nothing more than himself. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, imagine a virtuous man and you have imagined everything Donald Trump is not.
Heterosexual marriages do not automatically lead to happy households and well-balanced children. Parents are parents -- and all can make bad decisions, learn as they go, or not be perfect. It doesn't matter if they are gay, straight, single or otherwise. But to deny protections to parents already raising children isn't right, and the only purpose it serves is to hurt those children.
It isn't just our homosexual "being" that God "tolerates" but our homosexual "doing" -- our romantic, erotic, loving relationships -- that God creates, ordains, and declares good in Hebrew and Christian scriptures.
That any church these days would take the step toward full inclusion of the LGBT community is courageous. That the Salvadoran Episcopal Church's Sexual Diversity Ministry even exists is a miracle to behold.
There is always sadness in the news that a marriage has ended in divorce. Whatever the circumstances, a divorce marks the death of the dream of happily-ever-after and the end of a relationship that was entered into with hope, joy and the intention that it be until-death-do-us-part.
Leaders of progressive Christianity have taken advantage of the platform to let the world know that not all Christians subscribe to the stridently anti-gay Christianity espoused by organizations as the American Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage.
Same-sex love affairs certainly spike the scandal meter with the added layer of gay drama. Whether carried out by politicians, Hollywood stars or religious leaders, secret gay love affairs have shaken the dust right off history books for centuries.
As Auckland Now reports, St. Matthew in the City's holiday billboard depicts the infant Jesus surrounded by a rainbow-colored
To champion liberal policies "from a spiritual voice is really helpful for people with no faith at all," said Sally Steenland
The legacy Bishop Robinson leaves as he concludes his ministry is greater than being the first openly gay bishop in the history of Christendom. It is a legacy of using the platform of privilege to make a difference for anyone who has been told that they are outside the light of God's love.
"Death threats, and the now-worldwide controversy surrounding your election of me as bishop, have been a constant strain
The primary stumbling block between us is the fact that I am gay and Mitt is a Mormon. I know where his heart lies. I couldn't possibly vote for someone who might govern for his religion first and will never support my right to enjoy the freedoms that everyone in our country wishes for.
After a tumultuous decade that featured death threats and bullet-proof vests as well as a wedding to his partner of 25 years, Bishop Gene Robinson will be stepping down from his seat on December 31 of this year. But his work continues.
Then, after 13 years of marriage, with his 40th birthday looming, Robinson once again began having doubts about his sexuality
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I remember the preacher at Robinson's consecration. He was the Rt. Rev. Douglas E. Theuner who was succeeded by Robinson