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KISS singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons are both known for being outspoken and having big
And suddenly all respect I had Gene Simmons is gone. Absolutely disgusting — Sigourney Beaver (@OreoSpeedwagon_
Gene Simmons joins HuffPost Live and responds to The Black Lips' critique of the Kiss Army.
Today, Stanley lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their three youngest children. Their oldest, a son, studies music at
This week we review music by Wilco, Whitney Houston, Sonny Sharrock, Count Basie, Gene Kelly, Joe Jackson and more.
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There are times when you refer to your GChat list for passing entertainment, to ping a workmate, or to see what that guy
He's famously sworn that he would never get married...but KISS frontman Gene Simmons is one step closer to breaking that