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We live in an age when hardly a soul, it seems, cares that high-ranking, mission-unaccomplished officers have had leading roles in quagmire wars or even, in two prominent cases, saw their government service cease as a result of a career-ending scandal.
Several years ago after the Newtown massacre, when Adam Lanza took his rage out on a classroom defenseless students and teachers, I wrote a piece castigating a number of Democratic Senators who dug their heads into the sand and refused to close basic background check loopholes.
Deep Patel wrote and published a business book called A Paperboy's Fable at age 16. I asked Deep how he was able to achieve
Most prognostication has it that Clinton needs to make herself more appealing by value-adding some measure of regional balance, shoring up a swing state or appeasing a needed demographic with a symbolic selection. Is David Petraeus the answer?
You say the name General David H. Petraeus to people and to be really honest- depending on what decade they were born in
In the decades since the draft ended in 1973, a strange new military has emerged in the United States. Think of it, if you will, as a post-democratic force that prides itself on its warrior ethos rather than the old-fashioned citizen-soldier ideal.
When classified information gets in the hands of our enemies and rivals, bad things happen for our beleaguered intelligence forces. General Petraeus gets that it is wrong. But as Clinton blames Republicans for her woes on NBC's Meet the Press, it's clear she still just doesn't get it.
"Any email that the secretary of state sends is at least sensitive, and would be of interest to many foreign intelligence
Some supporters of Petraeus have objected to how the investigation has been handled. On CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday
Neocons and elite media personalities who got everything wrong on Iraq now darken my TV screen telling me to ignore the invasion, the eight-year occupation, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, "mushroom clouds" becoming "smoking guns," the torture at Abu Ghraib prison and everything else, and pretend the war started with General David Petraeus's miraculous "surge" where everything was wonderful in Iraq until the "dove" Obama pulled the plug. It's a nice narrative if your goal is partisan advantage, but like so much else we've heard from policy elites regarding Iraq, it has nothing to do with reality.
Months after resigning from the CIA after evidence of an extramarital affair surfaced, Petraeus was offered a position as
There is a quiet and conventional path from shame to redemption for American political figures brought down by personal sins
Petraeus was credited with helping pull Iraq from the brink of all-out civil war as commander there and President Barack
The FBI’s "top priority" in 2013 is to modernize surveillance law so authorities can monitor in real time the Web activities of Americans suspected of committing crimes, the FBI’s general counsel said.
The FBI’s "top priority" in 2013 is to modernize surveillance law so authorities can monitor in real time the Web activities
But it was happening! The yard was soaking wet! She could see a few of the mini-treasure chests that she had had the servants
Roger Ailes, the longtime Republican media guru, founder of Fox News and its current chairman, had some advice last year
In a speech before the University of Denver's Alumni Symposium on October 26, Paula Broadwell confirmed that 'they' knew within 24 hours that the attack was thought to be an attempt to free Libyan militia prisoners. Where did Ms. Broadwell get her information?
It couldn't be clearer now that the "fall" of David Petraeus is playing out as farce of the first order. What's less obvious is that Petraeus, America's military golden boy and Caesar of celebrity, was always smoke and mirrors, always the farce, even if the denizens of Washington didn't know it.
I'll happily keep up with Petraeus in the Kardashian sense. But in today's world, is the pressure to "keep up" pressure to compromise ethics?