General Services Administration

"No one should be rewarded for providing false or misleading information to the federal government," the House Oversight Committee wrote.
After weeks of resistance, Emily Murphy has finally signed off on allowing President-elect Joe Biden to begin the transition to the White House.
"I have always strived to do what is right,” GSA administrator Emily Murphy said in a letter to the president-elect on Monday.
Emily Murphy Refuses To Authorize Joe Biden’s Transition
Emily Murphy fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks and it's not what anyone expected.
Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, has yet to certify Joe Biden as the winner, stalling the launch of the official transition process.
The head of the General Services Administration is blocking funds for Joe Biden's team that would facilitate a smoother transition between presidencies.
The hotel occupies a federally owned building and has become a hot spot for lobbyists, foreign governments and others to put money in the president's pocket.
House leaders demand answers from the FBI and Justice Department about the president's influence over the headquarters site.
A government report says the emoluments issue leaves a “constitutional cloud” over the president’s D.C. hotel.