General Social Survey

Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women
A new study reveals major changes to the American religious landscape in recent decades.
Adultery can be both a cause and a consequence of a failing marriage.
And it matters more than you might think.
1. More Americans prefer “no religion.” Earlier this month, the 2014 General Social Survey was released. The GSS is the gold
Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions in our national gun control debate. The issue is not whether we should have gun control laws in this country -- or what they should be.
A report of his findings, "Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness: How Other People's Sex Lives are Related to Our Sense of Well
University of Illinois Chicago political scientist Kelly LeRoux and co-author Anna Bernadska recently published a study that shows a positive correlation between participation in the arts and engagement with civil society.
Ask anyone how an affair affects marriage and they will likely say that infidelity is severely damaging. So what has been the view of family scientists and clinicians?