general strike

To date, we've seen cities like Seattle and Davis which recently divested from Wells Fargo Bank because of their involvement
In addition to the nationwide marches and protests, the first of possibly many general non-violent strikes are meant to send a message of widespread disapproval to Trump, his administration and to the Republicans who enable him.
It behooves advocates for a general strike to acknowledge the practice's violent history in our country.
It was the biggest domestic challenge for Prime Minister Tsipras since he was re-elected in September.
Trayvon Martin has done so much more than die. He has revealed a system working perfectly in its intended order; and for the moment, rendered visible the yoke that encircles the poor and aggrieved.
Media hypocrisy about the Occupy Wall Street movement is old news. But the New York Times hit the "refresh" button once again with its coverage of the May Day demonstrations in New York and around the country on May 2.
The May Day general strike in Denver has the endorsement of more than a dozen organizations in Denver and Colorado including
"There were a number of visits between 6:00 and 7:30 in the morning and at other points in the day that appeared to target
“We will adjust our business operations based on security decisions,” said Holly Rockwood, the spokesperson, though she declined
Occupy Wall Street activists are preparing for a nationwide series of demonstrations and are calling for a "general strike