Generation Why

So, what to do? First off, recognize and acknowledge your BIG RED BUTTONS. Own them. Get familiar with them. Understand their
I spoke at the congress about the innovative ways we can address the needs of adolescents and young adults living with metastatic and/or advanced cancer. Here are six summary items I think you should know about the conference:
A triangle shape can be as sturdy as a square. At first, it might be difficult to trust that the three-legged table will be as strong, as balanced, as safe as the four-legged one was. But it can be done. That table can be redesigned, remade, resilient. This is what happened to us.
The Grammy-nominated, relatively anonymous producer announced his 2016 Neon City tour.
If you weren't following @RoadTripAus15 or #RoadTrip15 in December, then you were missing out on hearing about the fantastic
I often hear, "I'm so happy you're done with treatment! Now you can get back to where you were." The latter is simply is false. My life will never go back to the way it once was. My challenge now is to figure out what my new life looks like.
Every person's grief is unique. How you choose to honor the passing of a loved one is up to you. If I could say one thing to others dealing with loss in the midst of these festive times, it would be this: Give yourself permission to live through the holidays however you need to.
Trust was gone. It just wasn't fun anymore. Our student enrollment decreased and we reduced our fleet of airplanes.
Photo by Lorna Larsen We spent one particular morning hiking 2.5 miles up to the Rim Rock lookout that offers a bird's eye