The '80s pop icon gave a concerning interview on British television.
Golf legend Tiger Woods is undergoing emergency surgery after a major single-car crash in Los Angeles.
The horned "grendec" is based on a carnotaurus.
Let’s call these “religious freedom” efforts what they are: baseless discrimination cloaked as an expression of religious doctrine.
"All of us respect wise stewardship when it comes to being in charge of something."
As the 4th Centenary of Shakespeare's death draws to a close I'm wondering whether humanity has really changed over the past 400 years? Is there now more happiness, fulfilment and peace on our planet? If there is, it's hard to see.
I'd add the real special sauce is us. We knot food and feelings together all the time. What we want -- especially at the
Although piano was his 1st instrument at the age of 7, Kevin Lucas became a nationally renowned percussionist and marimba virtuoso as a young man. The spine of this story however, is that Kevin Lucas, a marimba and World Drum Specialist, was Born to Drum.
Yeah, the Emoji Bible introduces a bunch of translation problems, and the haloed smiley-face comes with a few of its own
So I guess I'm a Westerner, because when I came across a small stand of fireweed growing alongside a wood in the Pacific
According to that thinking, we are, every one of us, intrinsically depraved sinners, responsible not just for our mistakes and missteps, but responsible as well for the fact that we are capable of making mistakes.
My tortured translation of Misunderstanding's lyrics: Don't miss next week's stop on the Polish adventure or jump on the
So, how does envisioning Adam and Eve as Ethiopian tribal members help us deal with today's issues in more inclusive and
Jewish people reread the book of Genesis each year during the fall into the beginning of winter in synagogue. Christians and Muslims turn to these stories as well. What are we supposed to learn from this book of Scripture?
Don't you think it's odd that Christmas -- the time of the year we celebrate the Christ child, the light of the world -- is also the darkest time of the year? At least here in the Northern Hemisphere, you get up in the morning ... and it's dark.
I've never skied, and I never intend to ski. In fact, I don't understand why anyone does. It seems to me that the things all skiers have in common are the bruises and broken bones inevitably acquired in the winter months.
When we hear the term "twins," we often think of two things that are alike -- twin beds, twin turbo engines, etc. However, as the father of twins (who happen to turn ten-years-old today), I can attest to the fact that twins are most certainly quite different from one another.