genetically modified

You've probably seen food products boast GMO-free on their packaging and you've likely listened to someone talk about genetically
A group opposing genetically modified organisms is targeting scientists, demanding they release email exchanges with biotech companies. But prominent scientists are speaking out saying this is an attack on science motivated by ideology not facts.
The Vermont bill makes it illegal to describe any food product containing GMOs as "natural" or "all natural." Unlike bills
Yeah, I think that's exactly what it was. It wasn't just a meal, it was many meals and it was the ice cream trucks that would
Unapproved, unwanted, and now out of control: the news that an unlicensed genetically modified (GM) wheat has been found growing on a field in Oregon -- almost 10 years after it was supposed to have completely destroyed -- sent shivers down my spine.
A new generation of insect larvae is eating the roots of genetically-engineered corn intended to be resistant to such pests. The failure of Monsanto's genetically-modified Bt corn could be the most serious threat ever to a genetically-modified crop in the U.S.
Prop 37 in California proposes that genetically modified food be labeled "GMO". If you knew your food was genetically modified would you still eat it?
Repoxygen is based on a direct injection of an inactivated virus carrying the gene for EPO, or erythropoietin, a hormone
A document signed by more than 50 civil society organizations (CSOs) is asking the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development scheduled to take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012, to ban the use of genetically modified foods.
Monsanto announced Wednesday the company would cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission's probe of its "customer