genetically modified organisms

In April 2015, researchers from Sun Yat-sen University in China used gene-editing techniques to alter human embryos for the
What would you think of a law that clearly discriminates against rural Americans, lower income Americans, minorities and the elderly -- no chance of getting passed, right? Wrong. The Senate is poised to pass such a bill.
Let the GMO arguments begin.
A new type of tomato has high levels of resveratrol, which some research has linked to fighting cancer.
"Regardless of what consumers want, they won’t be told,” said one opponent.
A committee passed a bill to stop states from labeling GMO food, but at least one Republican, Rep. Chris Gibson, was not happy with the measure.
The bill, called the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, sets up a voluntary program for companies that want to
Researchers are working on genetically modifying apples to be resistant to bacteria, potentially saving farmers tens of millions each year, and making them significantly cheaper for consumers--the apples would be otherwise unchanged, the same as average apples.
"My take on it now is genetically modified food is actually, in general, -- genetically modified plants, in general, -- are
Call it Bill Nye's big about-face. But now, following a visit to St. Louis-based agricultural company Monsanto, Bill Nye