When the going gets tough, the tough get in the fetal position.
[They're not] an answer to any of the threats that we face right now, be it climate change [or] terrorism. ... it’s only adding more fuel to an already dangerous world."
Civilians are getting caught up in the fight to retake the city from ISIS.
A United Nations committee has been working for 16 years on a set of international laws to protect indigenous intellectual property.
At least 307 civilians have been killed and 273 wounded in western Mosul between Feb. 17 and March 22, according to U.N. figures.
8. Geneva, Switzerland Despite being one of the world’s most expensive cities, Geneva offers enough in the way of quality
The Group on Earth Observations, a Geneva-based partnership of 103 member governments and 106 participating organizations
Did all this happen despite people's despair over high unemployment, rising inequality and a growing trust deficit in institutions
If we are to face up to global challenges, from tackling climate change, poverty and disease to standing up for gender equality
Around 34,000 people have been evacuated from the area during the week-long operation.
Find his soulmate again. Right before he sets out, Forrest asks Jenny to marry him. She replies, before walking away (probably
In Swiss cities, foreigners find it difficult to settle in, with Basel ranking last in the Ease of Settling In Index and