genocide denial

The storm didn't unleash genocide in Puerto Rico, but the president sounds a lot like genocide deniers.
"The varied and divergent views expressed belong to the advertisers," the Journal said.
Dozens of Rwandans are charged each year with genocide ideology. Intellectual freedom is also restricted through systematic
Americans often question or deny claims of genocide against indigenous peoples because they challenge our patriotic version of American history. We might have been upset if Chiitaanibah Johnson disrupted our classes. But we might have learned more about genocide and U.S. history.
JERUSALEM -- That the acknowledgment of the genocide by the pope and Kim Kardashian's trip to Armenia were so newsworthy and were hailed as such a great "PR disaster for Turkey" shows that something went terribly wrong over the course of the last century.
The Genocide Survivors Support Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to help genocide survivors rebuild their lives and use their voice to contribute to genocide prevention.
Inside the Hotel Rwanda is a heroic book, written as the tide of genocide denial grows stronger everyday. All of the explicit testimony and the detailed human tragedy cannot overcome the mythmaking Hollywood machine, but in the hands of thoughtful readers it can offer a roadmap for humanity and compassion.
Every Rwandan I know would place our right to protect our nation's peace and stability ahead of Peter Erlinder's right to endanger them.
This continuum of massacres, genocide and deportations highlights the existence of a long-term strategy implemented by successive Turkish regimes from the 1890's to more recent times.