Suzan Mazur: You provide an extensive table of defined virus terms, and you identify two groups of introns: Group I and Group
And we will have many more results to report, especially about what happens after participants get their sequencing results back.
The information we gather from our DNA will be far more than mere biological coordinates. Instead, it will impact many parts of our everyday lives.
It may be true that we have entered the age of personal genomics, but we have only just scratched the surface.
All these advances and more -- such as regenerative technologies and the ability to grow new organs from stem cells -- will
Your brother recently died of a rare form of cancer. You know that he had been participating in a study on the genetics of this cancer, and that as part of the study, researchers promised that they would send him his individual results.
The Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center recently brought a diverse group of neuroscientists and philosophers together with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and programmers to answer this question: As developments in artificial intelligence extend or surpass human intelligence, do they challenge the traditional definition of what it means to be human? Here's what five of them had to say.
It has only 473 genes, and many of them are a complete mystery.
But Alec also has a few things he'd like to say to parents, too. Chief among them: Steal a page from dear old mom, Becky