These stylish grooms really upped the ante. 👔🎩
I do! I took ballet and hip hop for a couple of years when I was younger; after that I joined the boy band and became very
Or just wear deodorant anyway. It's generally a good idea.
We've all heard the expression "chivalry is dead." While I'm convinced true gentlemen are still out there (I happen to be married to one), I do wonder about the younger generation. Now that I'm raising a little boy, I think about the kind of man I want him to be.
Look, I don't have a perfect track record here, either. I often forget to get the passenger door for her when I'm driving
Being a gentleman requires possessing a mix of a positive attitude, selfless consideration, but mostly, is reliant on what kind of impression one leaves behind. The man who underneath rumpled denim took the time to shave, hold a door open and made another person feel heard -- well, that's a real gentleman. Are you one?
It was only through their kindness I was able to easily get on the plane and situated for the flight. It meant so much to
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"I've been doing this for 12 years. Would it be fair to call me a one-hit wonder just because my next song falls flat? I
All women expect you to act like a gentleman but the definition of that word has become decidedly cloudy in today's complicated world.
In all the years before Alzheimer's struck, Ed, my Romanian life partner of 30 years, was always gallant and romantic. He