geo group

The city council voted 8-4 on Tuesday against renewing contracts with CoreCivic and GEO Group, which run six halfway houses in the Denver area.
Three new contracts mark the reversal of the Obama administration’s short-lived attempt to deprivatize federal prisons.
Detainees say they're making between $1 to $8 dollars per day at a CoreCivic detention center.
Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said that GEO Group should pay minimum wage to detainees who work inside its center.
The bill would make it easier for private prison corporations to help the federal government lock up migrant families.
The Attorney General's allegiance to private prisons and disdain for immigrants make for a frightening mixture.
The news that the Trump administration is rounding up alleged undocumented immigrants in hospitals, courthouses, and even
Mothers and children may be separated without the licenses, a private prison executive said.
Immigration raids have been spreading fear throughout the country since they began last month. Now the administration plans to hold detainees for the entire length of their immigration proceedings. This means massive increase in the need for detention, which could double the amount of government funding. The cost would fall into the hands of taxpayers and into the pockets of private prison industries.