The talk show's on-the-street stunt turned up the degree of difficulty.
The congresswoman slammed the network for its chyron that said Trump was revoking aid from "3 Mexican countries."
"The Late Show" host said it's "important that the most powerful man in the world knows what countries are in that world."
The Alaska senator is sneakily collaborating with the Trump administration in eliminating protections and handing sacred land to corporations.
He gets two of them, as environmentalists warn the barriers could damage protected wildlife areas.
By Peter Ames Carlin I never thought we were going to die. Even when the canyon air filled with smoke, when the flames came
The new nonprofit champions victims of what’s called the “rainforest Chernobyl.”
Will the recent tangle over the regulation of trees on private land in Texas spread to other cities and states? By Mindy
“I wasn’t sure what all the sounds were until I got up and saw the big, huge cracks in the walls."
An order by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke aims to increase fishing access on national monuments and other public lands.
The man's right leg almost entirely vanished into the asphalt, leaving him trapped on the crosswalk.
Asked about the role of climate change, Sen. Steve Daines said "the climate has always been changing."