America First! Donald Trump’s rhetoric may sound tough, but ahead of the G20 meeting, the isolationist stance is already starting to hurt America’s global standing.
In 11 years, the first nuclear weapon since 1945 will be used in a conflict and China and America will defuse the crisis.
"The revolution didn't just happen 57 years ago - it is defended and fought for every day by all of us, but especially by
Crisis branding can be an effective political campaign strategy because it draws power from frightening people, but it has no place in day-to-day governance. Normalizing fright and violence is not a governance model and is a huge step in the wrong direction.
Despite the militarization of Turkish border security, money continues to move from Turkish banks and organizations across
The attempted coup, or whatever it was, had to do with a great deal more than this of course. But its aftermath is in part about regaining Turkey's space, lost as Turkey became dependent on the United States following the downing of the jet.
What may be a window of opportunity for Chinese investors will, however, be a headache for Chinese firms relying on exports. Falling prices on corporate assets reflect that domestic demand in Europe is weakening after the Leave vote.
In a matter of years, almost everything that moves will be digitized, be it our cars, our bikes or our bodies, by using mobile phones or wearing digitized garments. This era of the Internet of Things will trigger new policy and ethical questions.
Additionally, the country's oil minister, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu said that the military would scale back the hunt for the
Hillary Clinton has finally done herself some real good with her big speech late last week in San Diego going after Donald Trump's aggressively ignorant and dangerous approach to geopolitics and national security affairs.
"We are preserving our market share, which continues to increase year-on-year," he said in the interview. "This year, as
The $65 'fair price' would encourage investment in the ailing oil markets and secure future oil supply, the minister said
Though Iran had initially hinted at joining any production freeze once it reached its target of 4 million bpd, the heightened
Bipartisan detractors of President Obama's "light footprint" military strategy are not hard to find. In fact, as a retired
Technology brings people together in many ways - from the invention of the telephone and air transportation to today's social
After Slovakia, the next stop on my European trip is Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It is a place I have visited many
7. INDIA & PAKISTAN 6. RUSSIA Some final thoughts on this book: Marshall is in his element here as he describes Europe as
In truth, Russia has been building an altogether new kind of energy state, one with more global influence than even OPEC. A fundamental reason is Russian prominence in multiple energy domains, especially oil, gas, coal and nuclear power.<
One must wonder what truly motivates Saudi Arabia and Turkey to embark on such a risky military venture that could (and would