George Floyd

An attorney for the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd says his family has been kept in the dark by federal prison officials.
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was said to be stabbed in Arizona prison.
The Supreme Court has rejected former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin’s appeal of his conviction for second-degree murder in the killing of George Floyd.
Tou Thao denied any role in Floyd's 2020 death and said that he merely served as a "human traffic cone."
Legacy Motor Club, Gragson's team, said his actions don't represent its values after he liked the insensitive meme with a photo of Floyd's face.
In the national reckoning that followed the police killing of George Floyd three years ago, about 2,000 protesters took to the streets in a St. Louis suburb.
The events in France are drawing parallels to the racial reckoning in the U.S. that began in 2020 with the killing of George Floyd.
The two-year investigation found that Minneapolis officers discriminated against Black and Native American people, and people with “behavioral health disabilities.”
President Joe Biden vetoed the effort on Thursday, the third anniversary of George Floyd's death.
The former Minneapolis police officer says the district judge’s decision not to move the proceedings out of the city deprived him of a fair trial.