George Floyd

The country band claims a blues singer who has performed as "Lady A" for two decades wanted $10 million for the name.
An attorney for the former Minneapolis Police Officer said in court papers that the case against his client should be dismissed for lack of probable cause.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also discussed Britain owning up to its colonial past.
Jenny Durkan had the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest dismantled in the least progressive way possible
The Fox News personality likened the “hysteria” of the movement to a pandemic and claimed, “Minneapolis was our Wuhan.”
“Cop shows glorify police.” The widely popular TV crime genre that uses policing as entertainment has been taking a toll on Black and brown communities.
Mayor Quinton Lucas also said he was told he should “swing from a tree” after he announced mandatory face masks in the Missouri city.
And it set a standard for virtual award shows to come.
Police reform seems likely to join gun control and immigration as issues where Americans overwhelmingly support changes, but Congress is unable or unwilling to do anything.
Ryun King of Gallery X Art Collective in Kentucky said he feels this is what he was "meant to do."