George Lakoff

Constant repetitions are worming their way into the circuitry of our brains.
-- Your position or agenda can be clarified by hitching it to a better-understood player, theme, or idea. My answer lies
When it comes to drug policy, it is worth using George Lakoff’s models as we evaluate what we are hearing in Cleveland and Philadelphia.
The American conventional wisdom pushers still don't understand either populist movement raging within it's walls. The Trump
Vittorio Gallese's latest interdisciplinary connection: mirror neurons and cinema. Why is it that we become so immersed when watching a film? What goes on inside our brains to create this empathetic connection with the screen?
UC Berkeley Professor of Linguistics George Lakoff gives us advice on how to change our wording to properly describe the real effects of climate change to the American public.
By now the plans are distilled, practice rounds completed, curveballs anticipated and (Lord help us) zingers rehearsed. In order to "win" tonight -- and on November 6th -- some debate dos and don'ts for President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.
The Democrats have so many problems, it's hard to know where to start to offer helpful advice, but the idea that they might need a handbook to instruct them how to think indicates a depth of political despair that's hard to fathom.
I have to admit that I'm sad to see another tax season come to a close. I'm not saying I love paying taxes, but I am saying that I love doing taxes.
If more education policymakers begin to recognize the poor returns that school reform has brought, we may, even in this time of deep economic strain, see a new openness to the arts in our schools.
I can't help think that despite the amazing amount of logical arguments that have emerged over the last week undermining
America reached a crossroads in Wisconsin. And maybe in your state tomorrow. We are faced with a conservative movement that
The new Republican House majority has proposed savage restrictions of women's reproductive rights, another brutal attack in the three-decades-old Republican war on women.
Seriously, Bachmann's unprecedented (at least in my memory) "rogue" State of the Union response was an indication of major
Democrats have to climb down out of their heads and get reacquainted with their hearts and their guts. Learn how to express feelings, not just arguments. If they can do that, they'll have a big advantage
Scenario One: Democrats only allow votes on tax cuts for incomes under a certain amount ($250,000 or a million, take your
W. Lance Bennett, News: The Politics of Illusion Finally, when information is in short supply and time is of the essence
Still, I stand by my belief that the end of NPR and PBS would be good for the left, for liberals and progressives. Here's why.
It's good that Barack Obama is an idealist. It's good that he wants to be a conciliator who believes that there should be a new moral tone in Washington. But now is the time for realism.