george mason university

Ángel Cabrera "displayed a lack of compassion for survivors of assault," charges the campus group Mason for Survivors.
"Even if the outcome is painful, what's at stake is very, very important for the integrity of the university," said President Angel Cabrera.
"The hiring of accused sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University is unacceptable," reads the ad from Demand Justice.
The university hired the Supreme Court justice last month as a visiting professor for a study-abroad course in England.
Allowing young Americans to pre-register to vote will encircle millions more Americans in our civic processes.
A Virginia statute passed in 1997 precludes Charlottesville from exercising any common sense in such situations.
Supporting your partner's redeeming qualities goes a long way.
“I think this is just another example of how ideas about race and racism, to be frank, are deeply embedded in the schools."
What happens to a country when its figurehead uses social media to undermine reality and truth?
“Even if we’re successful in getting that ban overturned, a lot of damage has been done," Attorney General Mark Herring said.