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The faux indignation and outrage Republicans are spewing over Democratic opposition to the elevation of Neil Gorsuch to the
"I made the best decision I could under the circumstances," he says.
"The voters have decided who the president should be until January 20, 2017, by very decisive margins​."
Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell joins HuffPost Live to discuss the ramifications of Supreme Court Justice Antonin
Innovation is the heart of the U.S. economy. Technological progress and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled American global leadership in medicine, aviation, agriculture, biotech, and energy. The energy sector has benefited greatly from smart federal investments in research and development.
2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgThe issue over the Iran deal, what's most likely -- allowing Tehran to race to a bomb now, or delaying that perhaps forever if Iran, in 15 years, chooses a strong economy over being a nuclear pariah? Why wouldn't they? Then: who's more worried -- Hillary because of falling polls, or GOP because of Trump's rising ones?
Former Senator George Mitchell joins HuffPost Live to discuss what Harry Reid should do if the democrats lose the Senate.
The George J. Mitchell Scholarship funds one year of graduate study in Ireland, which satisfies requirements for an Irish
Would the Wachowskis redeem themselves with another reality-twisting mindbender? Or would Cloud Atlas prove that The Matrix was truly a fluke?
But the damage was largely done. That same month, George Mitchell, until that point Obama's top Middle East peace negotiator
Any Israeli military analyst (as well as Israeli diplomats in the U.S.) would agree that the Obama Administration has offered Israel an unprecedented level of unhindered, unrestricted military support and cooperation.
With Washington disconnected and unwilling to lead, it is no wonder the Palestinians believe they have no other option but to go forward on their own to the UN. Anyone still surprised?
Next week's unilateralist gambit by the Palestinian Authority to ram through a resolution on Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly will produce little more than the mirage of a fleeting diplomatic triumph.
Despite economic isolation and growing international outcry, Bashar al-Assad knows he's safe -- by our statements, we have signaled to him that he is "too big to fail."
The failure of the Obama administration to adequately support Mitchell in pursuing the peace process is all the more remarkable