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What’s the difference between an accident and an outrage? The fire at Grenfell Towers, London, that killed at least 80 people
"Functioning ecosystems with large predators and large herbivores are just bloody marvelous."
Many of us have not endured the horrors that drive 22 veterans a day, and countless poor in world regions that U.S. empire has touched, to the final act of despair. I would like to think we can lift hopes and perhaps bring comfort to those around us by radically sharing resources and learning to join courageous others in the work at hand.
"After a week, I felt significantly less bloated than I usually do," she said. "My sinuses felt clearer. My husband caught
Fluoride causes cancer. Childhood vaccines cause autism. Climate change is a hoax. Where do all these patent mistruths come from?
The administration has and will continue to pick and choose which issues, and which tragedies, it highlights -- which issues deserve public attention and action. Drones do not appear to be one of those issues.
I was extremely saddened to see a bad tempered back and forth between two important intellectual figures, Noam Chomsky and George Monbiot, over an article written by Monbiot on the definition of genocide.
The claimed need for sacrifice inevitably brings up the question of fairness and the present gross economic inequality, reinforced
To dismiss an entire canon of science on the basis of either no evidence or evidence that has already been debunked is to
There's a new movement that's been building up outside and inside the established environmental groups: It's the internet.
High up on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species' agenda is a trade ban on bluefin tuna, supported by both the US and Europe.
In instances of collective forecasts, consensus is rare. Opinions diverge, camps form and passions run hot. How can we avoid a decline in oil production from being disruptive?
At Obama's press conference, the tone and thoughts on the problems facing the country were of a level we haven't seen since the Bush brood took over the White House.