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You can't fight big lies with little truths.
The legendary George Orwell would vote for Bernie Sanders, not Clinton or Trump, because Sanders doesn't use semantics as a weapon or shield. The Vermont Senator will win the Democratic nomination and presidency because Americans are tired of what Orwell refers to as defending the "indefensible."
Orwell's Thought Police are functioning today in Iran. I know this because my cousin, Shahriar Cyrus, a husband, father of a young son and accomplished painter, was arrested last week in Iran in a similar fashion. Eleven representatives of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence came for him. His crime -- like that of hundreds of others -- was his belief.
There may be no one who can say “I told you so” better than George Orwell. In his novel ‘1984’ — which was published in 1949 — the English author outlines a dystopian future is eerily similar our world today.
While skeptics may put it down to chance or informed guesswork, believers insist that these predictions are proof of the higher brain power that many humans apparently possess.
The Kansas Board of Regents, many members of which have been appointed by the governor, has voted to restrict academic free speech.
What if Edward Snowden was made to disappear? No, I'm not suggesting some future CIA rendition effort or a who-killed-Snowden conspiracy theory of a disappearance, but a more ominous kind.
What, after all, are we to make of a planet with a single superpower that lacks genuine enemies of any significance and that, to all appearances, has nonetheless been fighting a permanent global war with... well, itself -- and appears to be losing?
After analyzing such classics as The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird, Thug Notes, and Sparky Sweets, PhD, is back
As the Los Angeles Times points out, President Obama even referenced 1984 last week as he defended the NSA's broad and controversial
As you celebrate this holiday season, be sure to save your digital memories by printing them out or backing them up. And beyond that, do everything you can to speak out for internet freedom.
A federal judge has described Goldman Sachs as "Orwellian," which doesn't mean the company is staffed by talking pigs, but
Gen. Vaidya became chief instead and planned "Operation Blue Star," a strategy involving tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers
Sixty-three years ago, Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 turned out to be prophetic. Will that be true of The Hunger Games? Decide for yourself and "May the odds be ever in your favor."
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment are looking to bring George Orwell's
When people think of a cultural conservative like me, especially one who's Roman Catholic, they tend to think about abortion, but that's only part of the story.
What, then, are the true principles of modern Republicanism? The true principles of Republicanism are Selfishness, Tribalism
Paul Hol, a volunteer for the charity Lifeline, found the book when he was sorting through the pile of donations. "It's in
Burma VJ follows DVB video journalist "Joshua" from the days just before the explosive events of September 2007 through the