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Julie Burkhart, who worked with the Kansas doctor, opens up about the state of reproductive rights and her biggest fears.
Last week, a shooter opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, but this isn't the first time an extremist
The clinic is one of three in Kansas that provide abortions.
Every day doctors, nurses, medical assistants, abortion doulas, and receptionists risk their lives to make sure that those of us seeking an abortion are met with compassion and love.
The Kansas Supreme Court ordered a new sentencing hearing for Roeder, ruling that only a jury, and not a judge, could impose
The rain of ridiculous ravings from America's political right continued unabated as spring took hold. Let's look at a few examples.
Almost any one of today's providers could make more money, and have a far easier life, in another job. Instead, they choose to do what they do, so women can choose to control their bodies and their lives. That's worth celebrating.
After Tiller follows doctors in Nebraska as restrictive new anti-abortion laws force him to close his clinic and attempt to open a new one. After just a few minutes of watching these doctors consult with colleagues and patients, two prevalent anti-abortion myths can be completely dispelled.
Later-term abortion incites emotion and controversy like few other medical procedures, and the anti-choice movement has not been reluctant to exploit both the passions and misunderstandings surrounding this procedure for their own gain.
“I've had enough,” she said. "If I had to do it again, I wouldn't do it without an army." If the court rules in Neuhaus' favor
"With the new conceal carry laws enacted since the closure of the Tiller Abortion Facility, the number of armed people present
I am struck by how art and politics seem to have traded places in Missouri. The documentary After Tiller represents everything that is messy and complicated about the world, while politics here seem to exist in a fantasy world.
Directors Martha Shane and Lana Wilson spent several years getting to know LeRoy Carhart, Shelley Sella, Susan Robinson and
Several businesses near the clinic provide medical services and to single out the clinic for rezoning would be a misuse of
The clinic where Dr. George Tiller performed abortions until being shot and killed during worship at his church on May 31, 2009, will be open for services in two or three months.
Burkhart stressed that laws written in the 1990s, which limited where abortions could be performed, but allowed the procedure