George W. Bush Presidential Center

In speeches this week, both of them spoke truth to power and stood up for American ideals with intelligence and eloquence.
In July we attended the wedding of the son of a dear friend. Because we didn’t know Seattle, we indulged ourselves by taking
“If you want to be president, realize it’s about the people, not about you," Clinton says.
The national news is not good. The dip in math, along with the flattening in reading and math scores since 2009, certainly does not help the economic and social mobility of those students. Nor does it come close to satisfying the economy's thirst for workers with higher-order thinking skills.
The country has an untapped source of economic growth potential, and that is the many creative, industrious and motivated immigrants in our country. But, too often in today's political climate, immigration is cast as a negative, with issues like border security and unauthorized immigration dominating the news cycle.
As the story of the Sony hack unfolds, the story of those living in tyranny in North Korea remains largely untold.
No one will ever perfect the game. Nor will wounded soldiers ever be exactly the same. Yet they are progressing, hole by hole.
When unveiling the program today, Presidents Clinton and Bush will focus on the leadership qualities that will be the program's