George Washington Carver

The reassuring words of George Washington Carver came soothingly to me this morning as I greeted the first day following the formal determination of the Republican Party's candidate for president of the United States.
Here's to the day when "Black Lives Matter" is an unnecessary affirmation as that ethic is cemented in the creation of a national park commemorating the legacy of this time.
School of Thought pays homage to black leaders in a dope way.
The road warrior baton has now been passed to Moesley to continue like a phoenix rising from the ashes where Gilligan's joie
Now comes the hard and tricky part, giving them names. Deciding on the symbols is pretty easy, it's giving them a permanent
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Far too many young Black boys are only hearing the first part of the message - -"You can't do it." We need supports in place to show them that they can choose a different path.
Scott Siepker asks viewers to pay homage to Iowa State alum and "peanut pioneer" George Washington Carver saying, "Without
Cows have not been evolved to digest corn, but it's become the basic feed of industrial agriculture livestock. And, most of that corn has been genetically modified. What else is new?
Whether scientist or tinkerer, academic or technologist, the greatest inventors of all time had one thing in common--they