george zimmer

A Florida high school whose name commemorates a leader of a white supremacist group known for lynchings and other violent acts against blacks is to be renamed, officials said on Monday.
The former face of Men's Wearhouse doesn't like the way the company looks, and he guarantees it in an recent interview with Fortune.
Men's Wearhouse recently released its first completely new ad since the company ousted its famed founder and pitchman George Zimmer. The new ad replaces Zimmer's well-known "You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it" tagline with this: "For 40 years we've been helping men dress like gentlemen." But judging by the commercial below, it appears the retailer has a seriously skewed definition of gentlemanly behavior.
When companies choose to retire or remove the person central to their branding, they had better have alternative plans at the ready so that customers are able to reconnect. There is a big hole over at the headquarters of The Men's Wearhouse now that Zimmer is gone.