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In the hours after the George Zimmerman trial verdict was released, both the defense and prosecuting attorneys answered questions about the trial and their reactions to the jury's decision. The case consumed the country's attention for more than a year, sparking heated racial debate. While some criticized Zimmerman for racially profiling 17-year-old Martin, others said the teen was, in fact, the agressor.
Defense attorney Don West called the prosecution "disgraceful," saying it made him "sad too that it took this long to get
As the world waited with bated breath for the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, social media users remained actively
Friday morning, attorney Mark O'Mara presented closing arguments in defense of George Zimmerman. O'Mara spent the bulk of
The case against George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watchman currently facing second-degree murder charges after fatally
Both the Defense and Prosecution have made their cases as the trial of George Zimmerman enters its third week. The drama continues as Zimmerman's lawyers antagonize the Judge over long hours, and the Prosecution requests lesser charges for Zimmerman.
His efforts could be put to the test in the coming days, with a six-woman jury soon to begin deliberations on a verdict for
After the State rested in the trial of George Zimmerman and dramatic conflicting testimony was heard on Friday, the Defense continues to present its case. Marc Lamont Hill breaks down the trial so far and its implications.
But things got even worse once Mantei's Skype username was publicly broadcast, provoking dozens of pranksters to call the
For live updates as the case continues click here: The prosecution also seemed to use Francisco-Carter's testimony to call