I moved to the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Central Brooklyn last October. Despite increasing signs of gentrification
We aren't seeing the same rate of progress with interracial killings as we're seeing in the overall murder rate because the
Although his lawyers spoke with the press and his brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., spoke to CNN after the jury's decision, Zimmerman
Danielle Cadet joins Ahmed on set to discuss Trayvon Martin's parents response to the trial.
Danielle Cadet joins Ahmed on set to discuss Natalie Jackson's remarks on the Trayvon Martin case.
For the first time since the man who fatally shot their son was acquitted, Trayvon Martin's parents, have come forward to
The dominant emotion expressed by black Americans over the not-guilty verdict was disappointment, which 53 percent of black
Shortly after the interview, CNN said four other jurors released a statement distancing themselves from the comments. Juror
As a minister, I want both reconciliation and justice. If you think there is no racism in this nation, you are willfully blind. If you believe there has been no progress towards racial justice, your eyes are not open.
When asked if John White followed the Martin case and the Zimmerman trial, Brewington simply said, "I am in contact with
Cooper asked the juror if Zimmerman was the kind of person she'd like on a neighborhood watch in her community. She hesitantly
If a civil suit is filed against Zimmerman, it is unlikely the Martin family will ever recover a substantial amount of money
On a meta-level, these are just continuing symptoms of the underlying, chronic, disease called racism. As a nation, we've done a pretty good job of treating it in the past 50 years, but as with all treatments, a certain amount of resistance has set in.
Students have already acted out their frustation with the way Martin's death was handled. They're also planning a town hall