Georgetown University Law Center

“It’s incredibly ironic that the attorney general wants to come here to talk about free speech but is excluding dissenting voices.”
"This kind of government chilling of speech is precisely what the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is meant to prevent."
"It is insulting to the community, to the idea of freedom of expression, and therefore to the very point of a law school," one of the signers says.
The 2013-2014 data also shows that black girls were four times more likely to be arrested at school than white girls.
The "adultification" of black girls leads to harsher disciplinary treatment, researchers found.
Your face is yours. It is a defining feature of your identity. But it’s also just another datapoint waiting to be collected.
Last February, conservative author and political commentator Ben Shapiro was scheduled to speak at California State University
Despite the fact that NATO might be "the most successful military alliance the world has ever seen," our transatlantic bonds go far beyond combined military operations. They are interwoven into the very fabric of our society.
The British judgment is the first major successful recovery of what is estimated to be billions in personal assets the Gaddafis and their associates allegedly obtained during regime's nearly forty-year reign.
I have spent the past few days with a gigantic smile on my face, deriving the utmost pleasure from the travails of Rush Limbaugh -- the man who had me convinced for nearly 15 years that global warming was a hoax.
It was not immediately clear how much the organizations will work together. Four large U.S. companies are listed as the backers