Georgia Tech

In Atlanta, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and beyond, crowds gathered to demand justice for the victims of the Georgia spa shootings.
Coach Josh Pastner found an alternative to the team's usual gas station stop for candy.
The secretary of state is expected to address national security threats posed by China in an address to Georgia Tech on Wednesday.
When presented with a tall obstacle, fire ants construct towers that look a lot like a famous one in Paris.
Researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory have developed a staircase that uses your own energy combined with springs to make going up and down stairs easier on your body.
It seems counterintuitive, but these weapons could save innocent people.
This Georgia Tech student completely owned his commencement ceremony when he showed up in his blinged-out cap and gown. And we're not talking about that cliche "thanks Mom and Dad!" sorority crafting BS -- we're talking a high tech scrolling message with LED lights.