Georgina Chapman

What has her life been like in the aftermath of over 100 credible accusations of sexual violence and harassment against her husband?
The Marchesa designer and her partner just released 38 new looks.
The news comes just one day after co-founder Georgina Chapman announced she is leaving Weinstein.
The actress said she feels "really bad" for the film producer who has been accused of sexual harassment and assault.
The couple has been married for nearly a decade.
His designer wife is facing blowback for his sins.
No, Harvey Weinstein’s wife and the women he associated with are not to blame for his actions.
On the high end, the weight of this problem is not heavy, particularly when production is responsive to workers' needs and safety; consumers do not buy as much as is needed to stay competitive in the "fast fashion" business model, where the poor are at risk of deplorable work conditions and low wages to keep churning out goods that no one really needs, and actually makes no one happy.
When we first meet them in this laugh out loud comedy Last Vegas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael