Gerard Depardieu

Francois Hollande's presidency has lacked clear purpose. The president seems to vacillate between his economics ministers. His first economics minister, Arnaud Montebourg, antagonized the French business community and made public comments at odds with Hollande's policies.
He's on a blacklist with 117 other prominent arts and entertainment figures.
What is most enjoyable in the movie is the Americana kitsch and the setting, filmed from a foreigner's perspective: the Corkscrew Saloon where the couple speak together, the bright supermarket, the hotel pool area and -- especially -- the landscapes of Death Valley.
I'm very happy about this film, despite the rumpus which hit before the Cannes Film Festival last May, when at the last moment it was not accepted into the official competition due to endless talk of a sex-filled beginning.
10. In his new autobiography, which one of the following things does French film star Gerard Depardieu not claim he did? a
Depardieu spoke about his drinking habits during an interview with the UK's So Film magazine. "When I'm bored, I drink," he
I'm not used to expressing my personal feelings here, but as "Simone" is a character that is meant to represent me in Welcome to New York, I would simply like to say how disgusted I am.
Yesterday, a genuine conceptual and artistic film pioneer who was also possessed of an earnest conscience saw his final day on Earth. His genius work remains, and here's one of my favorite of his films, Mon Oncle D'Amerique, for your viewing pleasure.
In Enough Said, 52-year-old Dreyfus has never looked more fetching, and the late, great Gandolfini is finally allowed to be a leading man who looked like -- well, like a lot of the leading men in our own lives.
While The Attack and Just Like a Woman are directed by men, they seem to respect the complexity of female identity in the Arab world.
Today's economic doldrums do not have to last forever, and President Hollande has an opportunity to reverse this situation. But he has to move quickly and in a way that puts pragmatic, growth-oriented reforms first -- and Socialist ideology second.
Set to a bassy beat, the clip opens to a dimly lit hotel hallway. As the camera draws closer to the closed hotel door, screams
He set up a home in Belgium last year before making the move further east to Russia, which has a flat tax of 13 percent on
Saransk, which largely consists of run-down Soviet apartment blocks, is an industrial centre noted for its machine building
Copyright (2013) AFP. All rights reserved. Depardieu on Friday was set to meet Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian
Tina Turner made news last week when it was reported that the 73-year-old music legend was planning on renouncing her American
On a train from Paris over the holiday, I received a 25% discount because of my age. The only way the French government can afford to give me that 25% discount is to tax. And as Depardieu's departure to the other side of the old Iron Curtain signifies, this tax can be unbearably high.