germanwings crash

May 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday announced that a joint government-industry group
Are you a fearful flyer? Many travelers admit to some level of uneasiness associated with air travel and, odds are, you may be feeling a bit more anxious than usual since the recent Germanwings plane crash involving a suicidal co-pilot.
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All 150 people on board the Germanwings flight died in the crash, including 144 passengers and six crew members. A French
Two European publications are reporting that there is cell phone video taken from inside the Germanwings A320 aircraft that shows the flight's final moments but French investigators are calling it a hoax.
What's Been Widely Reported Yet May Or May Not Actually Be Meaningful This suggests that he was conscious and hadn't suffered
German authorities said on Friday they had found torn-up sick notes showing that the co-pilot was suffering from an illness
A student who knew some of the German students involved in a crashed plane, reacts during a minute of silence in front of
His comments drew criticism on Twitter, with some people demanding the airline introduce the two person-rule. Airlines including
This week's Germanwings Airbus crash -- and recent reports that the co-pilot may have crashed the plane deliberately -- have