germanwings plane crash

France's air accident investigation agency released an interim report that explains Andreas Lubitz unexpectedly reduced flight altitude for several minutes on another flight the same day of the fatal crash.
German authorities said on Friday they had found torn-up sick notes showing that the co-pilot was suffering from an illness
A student who knew some of the German students involved in a crashed plane, reacts during a minute of silence in front of
Reuters has more: "People who commit suicide usually do so alone....I don't call it a suicide," Robin said. Andreas Lubitz
Investigators were still searching for the second of the two black boxes on Thursday in the ravine where the plane crashed
I did not know Oleg Bryjak or Maria Radner. These are two of the victims who perished in the recent Germanwings plane crash. They were opera singers doing what we all do -- traveling to or from engagements.
"I'm speechless. My heart is totally broken," Sato's father Yukio said in an interview with Nippon Television Network Corp
"We really should have flown with that plane," Dalkurd sporting director Adil Kizil told the Sportbladet newspaper, as it
A plane traveling from Spain to Germany went down over a remote area of the French Alps on Tuesday. No one is believed to
"Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Europe, especially the people of Germany and Spain," Obama said ahead of