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Violent acts by rightist supporters rose by 43% in 2015.
Germany remains deeply unsettled after 15 people were killed and dozens wounded in five recent attacks.
Last month, the Central Council of Muslims likened the AfD's attitude towards Muslims to that of Adolf Hitler's Nazis towards the Jews.
It will give refugee students a chance to relate to instructors from similar backgrounds.
The founders of Refugees Welcome had exactly this in mind. During a semester abroad, Mareike Geiling let a refugee from Mali
The German chancellor has staked her legacy on her decision last year to open the country's doors to over 1 million migrants.
The integration of refugees is a mighty challenge for the coming years. From the pleasant slogan "We can do it" we must change to "We will do this." We have to create the preconditions now so that we can complete the task.
In a new video series, Firas Alshater examines life in Germany from a refugee's point of view.
But those who do arrive in the country should be treated humanely, says Cardinal Reinhard Marx.